Welcome to the 2019 Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference

Pre-conference Workshops

A number of pre-conference workshops will be run on Sunday 5 May, 2019.

These focused four-hour sessions are facilitated by experts in each field and offer an opportunity to expand your knowledge with concepts and skills you can apply into your daily practices. 

Numbers are limited, so secure your place when you register for the conference! 

Practical Application of Neurodevelopmental Strategies in the Neonatal Setting

Date: Sunday 5 May 2019


Time: 1000-1400 (lunch included)


Speakers: Nadine Griffiths, NIDCAP Trainer and Kaye Spence, Nurse Consultant, NIDCAP Trainer, The Australasian NIDCAP Training Centre


Cost:  $86.00 incl GST

Venue: Marlborough Room 2, SkyCity Convention Centre

A workshop facilitated by neurodevelopmental care experts


This workshop will focus on identifying current evidence-based strategies to support the application of neurodevelopmental care (NDC) in the neonatal setting. The application of effective neuroprotective and supportive strategies requires commitment from a team to analyse and translate evidence to practice, review individual and unit based cultural behaviours and assumptions, whilst sustaining momentum to ultimately facilitate ongoing change. This workshop will explore the concept of early stress and the lifelong impact on the developing brain including the healthcare professional’s role in supporting neurodevelopmental outcomes. A component of the workshop will be practically based introducing the concept of behavioural observation in clinical practice whilst exploring barriers and enablers for NDC in participants clinical settings. NDC components and their application will be discussed in the context of the family centred philosophy of caregiving.


Learning outcomes
Participants will have:

  • Have an increased awareness of current EBP recommendations relating to neurodevelopmental care
  • Explore the impact of stress on the developing brain
  • Understand the role of health care professionals in supporting neurodevelopment
  • Introduction to the concept of behavioural observation in clinical practice  
  • Explore current available models of neurodevelopmental FCC


Date: Sunday 5 May 2019

Time: 1000-1400 (lunch included)

Speaker: Cheryl Strawbridge, Founder & Mindfulness Consultant, Ovio

Cost: $86.00 incl GST

Venue: Marlborough Room 3, SkyCity Convention Centre


Nursing is demanding, face paced and often stressful work and Mindfulness is a great antidote.

Participants will learn​ grounded and powerful mindfulness techniques that can be applied at work ​and home ​to improve wellness, focus, engagement and productivity. 


The main topics covered in the workshop are:

  • The science of mindfulness

  • The secrets of the mastering the mind

  • Stress and resilience

  • Relating to others

  • The anatomy of compassion

  • Practical mindfulness exercises


Neonatal Unit and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Tour




Date: Sunday 5 May 2019

Time: 1000-1400 (transport and lunch included)

$86.00 incl GST


Venues: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare & NICU Auckland Hospital


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher & Paykel entered the respiratory care market in 1971 with the development of a unique respiratory humidifier system for use in critical care.  Today, we offer a broad range of products and systems for use in respiratory and acute care and obstructive sleep apnoea.  We also care for a range of patients across the infant care continuum - neonates, infants, children and adolescents, offering a comprehensive humidified respiratory solution for all therapies. During your time at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, you will have a guided tour of our facilities and meet our experienced engineers and clinical team.


NICU, Auckland City Hospital

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Starship Child Health, Auckland City Hospital applies the latest research and technology to offer the best care to unwell newborns and tiny premature babies. Approximately 900 babies are admitted to NICU every year, and around 160 weigh less than 1500 grams at birth. It consists of 40 cots divided into Intensive Care (18 cots) and Special Care (22 cots).


We pride ourselves on our family integrated care philosophy. Parents are viewed as part of our team, and we encourage and support the family to be involved in the care of their baby.

You will have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the facilities, including access to several clinical rooms where you can ask nurses and parents about the care offered here.

Neonatal P.O.I.N.T.S of Care Education Programme

Date: Sunday 5 May 2019


Time: 1000-1400 (lunch included)


Speaker: Gina Beecroft, Chair of the Neonatal Nurses College Aotearoa & Clinical Nurse Specialist, Christchurch Women’s Hospital


Cost:  $86.00 incl GST

Venue: Marlborough Room 1, SkyCity Convention Centre


The Neonatal P.O.I.N.T.S. of Care Nursing Education Programme has been developed with the aim to assist nurses in developing or less well-resourced countries to improve their skills and knowledge in neonatal nursing care and capacity build the local neonatal nursing workforce.


The programme provides nurses with the knowledge and skills around the core aspects of neonatal care that provide the foundation for the practical management of infants in the neonatal unit; pain, oxygen, infection, nutritional, and temperature management and supportive care.

A key competent of the programme is also incorporation of the model of “train the trainers”. For any educational programme to be ongoing and sustainable the need for champions from within to continue the learning processes is imperative.

The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to deliver and administrate the Neonatal P.O.I.N.T.S. of Care Nurse Education Programme.

The following will be covered.

  • Neonatal P.O.I.N.T.S. of Care, history and purpose.
  • Overview of the Education Programme and review of the learner’s manual modules and teaching workshops.
  • Demonstration of facilitating a Neonatal P.O.I.N.T.S. of Care teaching workshop.
  • Running the programme overseas
                           -   Outline of the programme phases
                           -   Review of teaching resources
                           -   Training the trainers, facilitating the trainer’s workshops
                           -   Programme administration