Welcome to the 2019 Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference

Dieter Wolke

Professor of Developmental Psychology and Individual Differences University of Warwick, Department of Psychology and Warwick Medical School (UK)

PhD, Dr rer. nat . h.c. Dipl-Psych, C.Psychol, AFBPS

Professor Dieter studied at the University of Kiel (Germany) and University of London and obtained his PhD from the University of London, Faculty of Science. He has worked at different colleges of the University of London (Institute of Education; King’s College; Institute of Child Health) and the Universities of Munich, Hertfordshire and Bristol. Before his appointment at the University of Warwick, he worked in the research funding sector (Scientific Director of the Jacobs Foundation, Zurich, 2004-2006) while holding Visiting Professorships at the University of Bristol and University of Zurich.

Much of his research is interdisciplinary (psychology, social and medical sciences), longitudinal and in the field of Developmental Psychopathology. His major research topics are: 1. how preterm birth affects brain development and psychological development and quality of life; 2. early regulatory problems (crying, sleeping and feeding) in infancy and their long term consequences; and 3. Peer or sibling victimization (bullying): precursors, consequences and interventions. He is involved as PI/Co-PI in a range of follow-up studies in the UK and Germany including the ALSPAC cohort, EPICure Study and the Bavarian Longitudinal Study. He is joint manager of the Horizon 2020 RECAP project involving 12 countries trying to improve the lives of preterm children. He works with several charities and has been involved in a number of intervention studies ranging from how neonatal discharge can be improved (e.g. midwife training), how to deal with excessive crying and infant regulatory problems or virtual intervention to deal with bullying victimization. He is currently collaborating in a trial of managed transition from adolescent psychiatric services into adult psychiatric services (EU wide project: Milestones). Dieter was the Chair of the Follow-up Care committee co-ordinating the Development of European Standards for Care of Newborn Health (EFCNI newborn-health-standards project). He received an honorary doctorate (Dr rer nat h.c.) from the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, in 2014 for his contribution to Psychological Science. He is listed in the 2018 Highly Cited Cross-Fields list honoring the most cited scientists in the world.