Welcome to the 2019 Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference

Speaker Presentations

Please find below the following presentations as permitted by the speakers of the 10th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference.

Some content may not be available due to privacy and not all speakers have provided permission to have their presentations included on the website:

Sunday 5 May 
Carole Kenner  Global Neonatal Nursing-Leading and Teaming

Monday 6 May
Heidelise Als Protecting the preterm brain – family and staff collaboration
Mark Turner  Global family – how to work within international networks
Paula Dellabarca Effects of nursing care on cerebral oxygenation
Nikki Turner World Health Organization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE)
Dieter Wolke Adult Outcome after Very Preterm Birth: Vulnerability and Resiliency 
Rachel Callender The Impact of Language and Empowering Communication at Diagnosis

Tuesday 7 May
Raylene Philips The Neuroscience of Nurture in the NICU including maximising skin to skin
Joy Browne Infant Mental Health in Intensive Care and Beyond
Rachel Friend Mother of Reuben; Expert Nutrition panel
Rihi Karena Engaging  effectively with patients and their families/whānau – the  key role of Te Hau Ranga Ora – Māori Health service at Whanganui Hospital
Mark Turner  Research – how to prioritise, fund, conduct
Raylene Philips &
Leslie Altimier
Implementing the 7 Core Measures of Neuroprotective Family-Centered Developmental Care in the NICU

Wednesday 8 May
Margaret Alve Building strength and resilience
Joy Browne Update on Gravens Consensus Panel on Infant and Family Centered Developmental Care For Intensive Care, a quest for developing Standards and Recommended Best Practices 
Heidelise Als NIDCAP, The Voice of the Newborn – Responsibility and Opportunity