Welcome to the 2019 Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference


Wednesday 8th May


Johnson & Johnson Breakfast Session 

Deanne August, Juliet Manning, Fiona Dineen, Lynette Chapple and Karen New

Care of the largest organ: burden or opportunity?

New Zealander Margaret Alve starts the day and will engage you from the moment she talks. Our International key note speaker and Invited speaker then take centre stage to  complete this potpourri plenary session 






Introduction and Housekeeping


Margaret Alve 

Building strength and resilience

 0910-0950 Susan Ludington
Topic TBC

Joy Browne

Infant Mental Health in Intensive Care and Beyond



Concurrent Sessions    

Final opportunity to hear from each other the latest evidence in readiness to implement into clinical care



Newborn & Staff Environment Family
Integrated care

Baby 1

Pain / Pot pourri

Baby 2



Carin Maree

STTI Maternal-Child Health Nurse Leadership Academy’s footprint in Africa

Bridget Moore

Enriching the care of patients and families in the NICU 

Rosemarie Batchelor

Rural New Zealand and the neonatal nurse practitioner- the future? 

Megan Bater

PEDaL: training parents of preterm infants to support early development

Bonnie Stevens

Usability evaluation of a knowledge translation intervention for neonatal pain 

Karen Lasby

Short-term outcomes for very-low-birth-weight Infants: a retrospective study 


Qiuxia (Sophia) Dong 

Kangaroo care in China

Priya Govindaswamy

Knowledge to action translation: engaging families in a surgical NICU

Amy Barker

Reflection, contemporary practice and the future of neonatal nursing 

Nethong Namprom
The effect of maternal participation in preterm’s care and improved short-term growth and neurodevelopment outcomes


Bianca Devsam

Pain assessment in ventilated, sedated, and muscle-relaxed neonates

Nadine Griffiths

None or too little: the realities of neurodevelopmental care education in the clinical setting 


Anevilli Brown Purcell

"Samoa mo Samoa". As we build capacity with our neighbouring countries

Helene Anderson

Improving end of life care for indigenous Australian families in NICU

Jacqueline Johnstone

Manual handling - improving care for infants, families and staff

Jennifer Gallop

FICare in the largest NICU in the southern hemisphere 

Colette McIntyre

Butterfly meets Hummingbird:  an end of life collaboration

Emma Malone

Cardiac surgery, feeding and developmental outcomes in infants (C-FAD STUDY) 


Karen New

Advancing clinical practice and research: industry funding and partnerships

Donna Hovey

Partnering to improve outcomes for newborns in Papua New Guinea 

Leanne Ehrlich

Graduate nurses in NICU-A successful transition to practice

Shelley Reid

Parents’ perspectives on neonatal nurses and family centered care

Brianna Richardson

Parent-targeted education regarding infant pain management: A scoping review

Lynn Sinclair

Parents’ understanding of Extremely preterm infant outcomes data (POD study)

1230-1240 10 Minute Break 
Have your pen poised for some take home messages


Closing Plenary


Heidelise Als

NIDCAP, The Voice of the Newborn – Responsibility and Opportunity


Invited Guest


Keelan Ransfield
Topic TBC


Closing Ceremony