Welcome to the 2019 Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference


Tuesday 7th May


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Breakfast Session

Jennifer Dawson
Stabilisation and Thermal Management in the Delivery Room


Learning from each other’s experiences on the global stage commences the day




Susan Ludington
Topic TBC


Raylene Philips

The Neuroscience of Nurture in the NICU 

1000-1030 Gail Corbett
Topic TBC


Morning Tea

Concurrent Sessions: 

More abstract presentations from our global neonatal community



Community Environment/Family Mothers
(Maternal mental health)




Amanda Hackett

Implementation of an integrated and collaborative nursing model of care

Kim Psaila 

Lives in transition: findings from the Continuity of Care (CoCo) study

Lisa Liu

Parents’ experience of support in NICU single-family rooms

Nancy Feeley

Mothers of NICU infants at-risk for PTSD symptoms 

Mieko Uchida 

Single-center outcomes of Quality Improvement Initiative to increase breastfeeding rates


Agnes van den Hoogen

First survey on research priorities among NICU nurses globally


Angela Casey

We want you! Promoting leadership as an essential component of practice for neonatal nurses

Theresa H.M. Kim

Prevalence and predictors of PPD in mothers of NICU infants

Lisa Kleinz 

Optimize infant oral feeding outcomes with Zero-Resistance™ Bottle System


Ruth Davidge

Accreditation of neonatal services in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa

Karen Lasby

Rough seas ahead: the reality of feeding preemies post NICU

Miki Konishi

Barriers against Japanese nurses to adopt invasive procedure a 'Nursing'

Lane Beaumont

NICU professional mother’s experience of ELBW birth: trauma to healing

Marjolaine Heon

Breast milk expression: what is the current evidence?


Andre Ndayambaje

Novel approach to essential care neonatal training for nurses and midwives in district hospitals in Rwanda

Ida du Plessis-Faurie

Mothers’ experiences caring for preterm infants in resource poor communities

Marsha Campbell-Yeo

Systematic review on Perinatal mHealth Interventions for mothers in LMICs

Breidge Boyle 

Can eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), administered during or after a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  admission, reduce the severity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in parents of premature babies: a feasibility study?

Sheeja Pathrose

Current practices for gastric residual aspiration in Australian neonatal units 


Ruth Davidge

Essential Package of Neonatal Care in Kwa-Zulu Natal SA

Julia Petty

Nursing knowledge in supporting parents of premature babies at home

Mayut Galeano

Expressive writing  reduce level stress in mothers of preterm infants

Janet Green

The impact of maternal mental health on babies of extreme prematurity  

Mary-Ellen Youseman

Facilitating early access to breastmilk through staff and parent engagement

1215-1230 Fauste Uwingabire
The Prevalence of Birth Asphyxia Associated Factors and Outcomes at a District Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda

Jodie Watt

Parents experience's of transition from neonatal to paediatric services


Jann Foster

An Australian qualitative exploration of the feeding experiences of parents of preterm infants 


Lunch - Sponsored by InterMed Medical Limited





Expert Nutrition panel  ‘What is best for baby and  what is ‘optimal growth’ for babies born premature’
Frank Bloomfield - Medical Viewpoint
Barbara Cormack - Dietitian Viewpoint

NICU Mother perspective -TBC

Baby perspective - TBC




Poster Presentations - Presenters will be available at their posters for more in-depth discussion with conference participants during this extended break  


 Afternoon Tea & Poster Presentaions


Plenary 1

Research is creating new knowledge

Neil Armstrong 

Plenary 2

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

Agatha Christie




Mark Turner

Research – how to prioritise, fund, conduct


Raylene Philips & Leslie Altimier

Implementing the 7 Core Measures of Neuroprotective Family-Centered Developmental Care in the NICU


Julia Pitcher

Neurodevelopment after common complications of pregnancy: Is inflammation the primary villain? 



Judith McAra 

Topic TBC


Jeanie Cheong

Changing prognosis of extremely preterm newborns with postnatal age, modifying counselling for families



Sessions conclude for the day

1900 - late


"Great Gatsby" Dinner
New Zealand Rooms 1&2